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Arts Therapy's approaches to human development, the roles we play in our lives, symbolic expression, embodiment and story are key to my work. These are holistic and allow me to fully meet you where you are at.

I believe that in this we can experience and experiment with new ways of being, rehearse health, explore challenges, and work through distress and destructiveness with a light and generative touch. We can grow space in our internal worlds by expressing our stories instead of being restricted by them. This internal spaciousness can build reserves of resilience: instead of things feeling immovable, we can generate new ways of thinking, feeling and being.

I understand that connecting to others with our wholeness, health and humanity can create small moments of justice in a world that often feels like it is trying to disconnect and polarise. By doing this, we are growing space for ourselves, for others, and for freedom.


I believe that finding our way back to our health is a marker of courage and compassion. It is not an easy or linear journey - but is one that if walked, can allow us to connect more deeply to Self, relationships and vitality. If you feel a resonance with a creative, expressive approach, reach out for support. You don't have to walk this journey alone.



The intention of my practice - Growing Space - is to create internal,  physical, imaginative and feeling spaces where people can grow their existing potential for health through active, creative and embodied methods. It is a place centred on your journey of health and healing.

Focussing on your existing health and resources for resilience, as well as building a trusting, empathic human connection is central to my approach. I'm psychodynamically-oriented, which means that we will work with understanding the unconscious and relational patterns that weave throughout your life. I am strongly informed by current research that shows how trauma often restricts our verbal and reflective processing ability. Drama therapy’s embodied, symbolic and relational methods gives the possibility for healing to begin before words are ready. I also believe that strengthening community support is essential for resilience and health. This kind of approach allows for rich, nuanced, warm thorough therapeutic space.

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