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  • Grief, loss and bereavement 

  • Social struggles like anxiety, social isolation, withdrawal or low self-esteem

  • Adjusting to life changes and transitions

  • The impact of trauma

  • Identity development 

  • Aggression, destructiveness

  • Challenges related to mood

  • Processing and celebrating sexual orientation or gender identity

  • Building emotion regulation capacity

  • Developing self-awareness

  • Building flexibility of thinking, feeling and being

  • Strengthening a sense of autonomy, agency and own voice

  • Building social and communication skills

  • Increasing creative expression and playfulness

Individual Arts Therapy sessions

My therapy practice is a containing, curious, creative space for those who are seeking to understand and welcome all the parts of themselves. We often get stuck in patterns and set narratives, and struggle to imagine anything different – for ourselves or our relationships. I cannot provide solutions, but in a confidential and safe therapy relationship, I can walk alongside you as we try to understand your hurt, your health and your healing.


In my private practice, I work one-on-one with adults, adolescents and children (5 years and older).

I appreciate consulting with the other professionals you may be working with too, to ensure holistic and thorough support. When working with children and adolescents, I work closely with their families and support network.

How long do people come for sessions?

This depends on your needs. Once we have met each other and had a few assessment sessions, we discuss and decide on a length of time that will be most supportive and beneficial. 


How much does this cost?

Individual private practice sessions: R 689 per hourly session

While my practice works on a cash basis, sessions are claimable by many medical aids savings.

This therapy may be helpful if you are needing support with:

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