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  • Why choose therapy?
    You’ve probably landed on this page because you are looking for further support for yourself or a loved one. Therapy is a unique space that can offer this, in a way that is fully focussed on your needs. In the confidentiality and acceptance of a therapeutic relationship, you can become vulnerable to express feelings, look curiously at the patterns in your life, relationships and the different parts of self, and strengthen the health that already exists within you. You will not be alone in this journey: as your therapist I will walk alongside you. Therapy is not just for when you are really struggling or in moments of crisis, it is also an opportunity at any stage to deepen your connection to yourself and your health.
  • What next?
    Have a look through the rest of my website to see if this approach to therapy speaks to you, and then contact me to ask any questions or set up a session.
  • Can it be trusted?
    Arts Therapies (of which Drama Therapy is one) are registered and regulated by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). I have trained, qualified, and am a fully-registered independent practitioner with the HPCSA. I work according to their code of ethics. I am also a registered member of the South African National Arts Therapies Association (SANATA), and - like all therapists - am in clinical supervision. I am fully insured, my private practice is registered with the BHF, and I am able to provide a police clearance certificate on request.
  • What does a session look like?
    Ultimately, the session is your space and so we will mould the active and creative methods of a session to your needs. As a Drama Therapist, I move between being with you in the creative process, and witnessing - depending on your needs at that time. In moving between these two supportive roles, I hold, contain and offer reflections.

What is Arts Therapy?

In sessions we talk about your internal and external worlds, as well as using the:

  • Symbolic capacity of story, art-making and metaphor. This helps the expression and communication of the unconscious, feelings, and internal and relational patterns - often in ways that are beyond words,

  • Way that imagination and creativity allow us to find connection with the essence and heart of an experience without being caught up in our heads,

  • Distance from therapeutic material through working with symbol, metaphor and projective processes (sandtray, creative mapping, creative writing, art-making, masks). This helps      with building perspectives and insight,

  • ​Interpersonal and relational processes found within play,

  • Knowledge and memories of the body accessed through movement, music, body awareness and breathwork,

  • Validation of being witnessed.


"Therapy is bringing imagination to areas that are devoid of it... [Creativity can hold] the unfathomable mystery that is the very seed and heart of each individual"

- Thomas Moore

I am an Arts Therapist. Arts Therapies are creative, expressive psychotherapy approaches, and have four branches that are regulated by the Health Professions Council of South Africa: Drama Therapy, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, and Dance/movement Therapy. Drama Therapy is my specialisation. In my practice, words are not the only language we can use. Depending on your need we can use story, symbol, artmaking, movement, ritual and creative mapping to access that which often lies beyond words. These creative approaches can support self-curiosity, and help find new perspectives on things that feel 'stuck'.

You don’t need any previous creative experience because we fully focus on the creative process, not the product. Drama Therapy methods are versatile, and can meet your specific needs. There is no pressure to do anything experiential that you may not be comfortable with!

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