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What is Arts Therapy?

While sessions do use some talking, at in its essence drama therapy uses the:

  • Symbolic capacity of storytelling, story-making, art-making, play, improvisation and metaphor. This helps the expression and communication of the unconscious, feelings, and internal and relational patterns - often in ways that are beyond words

  • Interpersonal and relational processes found within play

  • Experiential learning of role play and embodiment

  • Distance from therapeutic material through working with symbol, metaphor and projective processes (sandtray, object-play, creative writing, art-making, masks). This helps with building perspectives and insight

  • Validation of being witnessed 

  • Way that imagination and creativity allow us to find connection with the essence and heart of an experience without being caught up in our heads

  • Knowledge and memories of the body accessed through movement, music, body awareness and breathwork

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Arts therapy is an active and creative approach to psychotherapy. It uses creativity to help express, contain, process, and integrate throughout the therapeutic journey. Arts therapy has four specialisations: drama therapy, music therapy, art therapy, and dance/movement therapy. Drama therapy is the focus of my practice.


Its methods can help build your self-awareness and curiosity, as well as new perspectives and fresh ways of approaching things that you might be finding challenging. It can support the resilience that helps you gently meet these challenges. 

You don’t need any previous creative experience because we fully focus on the creative process, not the product. Drama therapy methods are versatile, and can meet your specific needs.

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