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Acknowledging the courage of going to therapy

'By standing in creative relationship with our woundedness; by acknowledgment, acceptance and befriending of pain - we open ourselves to transformation'

Around the world each week, thousands of people step into their therapy sessions. Each week, lighting the candle to illuminate their inner worlds and the stories held there. This can easily become a normalised, almost 'mundane' choice. However, let us take a moment to acknowledge the tremendous courage that this choice takes.

Therapy asks us to step into creative relationship with our woundedness: understanding that shifts and transformations can be found in this active, compassionate, curious exploration.

This is no easy ask, by any means. It asks of us immense courage.

Entering therapy means stepping into the uncharted territory and unfamiliar terrain of our inner worlds. It invites the courage to be vulnerable. We share our fears and doubts, often for the first time. This act of vulnerability is not weakness but a profound act of strength – a willingness to face discomfort in pursuit of growth and authenticity.

Therapy is not a linear path. It is marked by ups and downs, breakthroughs and setbacks. We encounter moments of resistance and turbulence. Yet, courage shines through in persistence – the commitment to show up, engage, and continue the work, even when the candle's flame seems to splutter.

As therapy progresses, we have the opportunity to witness our own growth. We can be reminded of our innate strengths, and cultivate self-compassion and health. Each milestone achieved, no matter how small, is a reminder that healing is not about eradicating difficulty; it is about findings ways to befriend it.

Courage in this way can not only transforms our own lives - it also enriches the fabric of our collective human experience. This courage can remind us all of the strength found in vulnerability and the boundless possibilities of our human experience.

This is a deep acknowledgement of all those who - when they feel ready enough to - light and tend their candle of courage. May this candle continue to shine its light.


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