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Resources for Parents

Raising and caring for children in our fast-changing and challenging world requires so much from parents, caregivers and family systems.

Here are some resources that may be supportive: from practical tools, to more in-depth discussions.

May you find something supportive here!

Peace Discipline, headed by Karen Quail, is a South African organisation that centres on equipping parents with non-violent discipline options. It is based in research done within our context. They offer workshops and trainings, and also have a variety of free resources on their website - their 'basic discipline toolkit'. Their offerings are accessible and useful.

Emma Sadlier, who heads up the Digital Law Academy, is the go-to person in our context when it comes to children and the digital world. Her workshops and courses are geared towards parents and children, and focus on a variety of themes relating to screens, social media and all the challenges the online world brings.

In this podcast, Robyn Gobbel makes relational neuroscience (what is happening in the brain that keep us connected to ourselves and others) accessible and relevant for parents and those who work with children. She discusses 'baffling behaviours' from this perspective, in empowering and digestible ways. She also has a couple of free resources on her website. If you're wanting to dive a little deeper into topics of attachment, children's 'big feelings', oppositional behaviours, school refusal, among others - this is a great resource.

Shonaquip Social Enterprise is a South African organisation that enables inclusion of children with disabilities and their families. They have a freely accessible network for parents, The Parent Network, to increase support. It is a WhatsApp-based service, where parents can ask questions and find community. This is for parents / caregivers of children with physical or intellectual disabilities, mental health challenges or neurodiversity.


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